Utopian Tasting Society

Throughout history, there have been many attempts to create a Utopian society. Sadly, none have succeeded. Until now.

Utopia Vineyard is the home of The Utopian Tasting Society, a perfect place for people who want to grow their knowledge and appreciation of wine. In short, people like you.

There are three levels of membership. While we value them all, it should be obvious that we value the top level more than the other two. So, here’s our pitch.

Level 1
The “Toe in the Water” Membership (Six bottles per year)

Are you the kind of person who friends refer to as “commitment averse?” Then this is the one for you. Sign up to put your toe in the water and every four months, we’ll send you two bottles of our wine. Or, if you live within driving distance of our vineyard in Newberg, Oregon, you can pick up your allocation at one of our “pick up parties,” a reference to what you’ll do with the wine, not with the other partiers, since that would require a commitment of a different kind.

Level 2
The “Full Fledged” Membership (Twelve bottles per year)

Most of our Tasting Society Members are Full Fledged Members, because there’s just something satisfying about owning a full case of Utopia wine. Three times each year, you’ll receive four bottles of our wine, some of which will be Paradise, both literally and figuratively. Paradise is our Private Reserve Pinot Noir and, not surprisingly, there isn’t much of it available. Pay the UPS charges or come fetch it in our Tasting Room; it’s all up to you. Naturally, we’d rather see your smiling face and pour you a taste of whatever we have on the Tasting List du Jour (complimentary, of course), but we realize that Full Fledged Members can be busy folks, so you can do it any way you want.

Level 3
The “Whole Enchilada” Membership. (Eighteen bottles per year)

If you’ll bite on this offer, you’ll immediately become one of our best friends. Three times each year, we’ll send you a six-pack of our best wine, including Paradise and older, well-aged Library Wines when available. If you pick the wine up at our place, we’ll wash your car windows while you’re in the Tasting Room. You’ll get a discount on wine, logo merchandise, and just about anything else you want. (Make us an offer.) Think you’d like to pitch a tent and sleep overnight in the yard? No problem. Want to throw a stick for William or Harry? Be our guest. In short, Whole Enchilada Members are just this side of becoming partners in the winery itself.

First Access

  • To new releases, exclusive offers, and insider info

Quarterly Newsletters

  • Insider information
  • Winemaker’s Notes and Viticuluralist’s report


  • 15% OFF on purchases under 12 bottles
  • 20% OFF on purchases of 12 bottles or more
  • Special discount pricing on winery events, Winemaker’s Dinners and more.

Shipments Include

  • Winemaker’s notes, recipes, and a special gift

Utopian Tasting Society Benefits and Protocol

  • No Sign-Up Fee
  • Three seasonal shipments per year
  • You choose how many bottles to receive in each shipment (2, 4, or 6)

Tastings and tours

  • Tasting fees waived for a total of up to four people for each membership per visit. (Including barrel tastings & new releases)
  • Vineyard tour for members and guests (by appointment)


  • Pick-Up parties with wine, food, and friends
  • Annual Club BBQ and Harvest Celebration


Don’t wait. There’s never been a better time to buy!